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  • FMX-004

    Electrostatic Field meter is a measurement device for measuring Static electricity. The FMX-004 is a convenient, compact and pocket-sized electrostatic field meter. With this field meter you can measure and store the field strength and polarity of Static Electricity. 

  • VolumION , Ionizing Air Blower

    The VolumION is a very robust ionizing air blower with an effective ionizing width of 500 mm. It consists of a motor, two fans and an ionization unit. Ambient air is drawn on two sides and blown off along three anti-static bars. This ionizing air blower is also ideal for long range neutralizing up to 1500 mm.


  • Ionizing DC Bars , ThunderION IQ 2.0

    It offers long distance static elimination even up to one meter. The disc shaped emitters differ from the conventional emitters. They produce a high and balanced ion output. The emitters are shockless when accidently touched. A flexible and replaceable emitter prevents damage to the emitters power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC.




  • Ionizing Air Gun - COBRA

    Ionizing Air Gun , type Cobra a heavy duty air gun.

  • IONClean Cleaning Equipment

    The cleaning hood IONClean HL is equipped with 2 ionizing bars, type SS 1/2". They neutralize the static load before and after the cleaning process. Rotating nozzles are installed between the ionizing bars to lift contamination off the surface. The particles are removed by means of suction cleaning. The cleaner performance is defined according to the customer specific application.



  • EP-SH-N Ionizing Bar

    AC Ionizing Bar type EP-SH-N , to be used in Static elimination to remove static during production , working High voltage is 7 KV.


    The Cleanflex Easy ionizing air gun can be used for cleaning and neutralizing surfaces. It’s unique features, not seen in any other ionizing guns, make it very versatile to use. Ergonomic, hand or pull down, less air consumption, low noise, better blow-off force. The Cleanflex Easy has a 24V input voltage.


MIDTEC EGYPT is a unique company working in the whole Middle East offer Solutions in Static Electricity , Ultrasonic cutting and Welding and Surface cleaning. With pleasure to solve your issue completely and effectively. Please don't Hesitate to contact us for any further assistance.

Static Electricity Solutions

Simco-Ion Europe is the Worldwide leader in Static Control , they are specialized in offering solutions for any issues regarding Static Electricity . it will be our pleasure to support you in behave of our principal Simco-Ion Europe. Solutions provided for Plastics , Packaging , Printing and Textile. We are always care to visit the customer , inspect the issue , collect information and then suggest the optimum solutions.

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29 Dec 2019

It is our pleasure to inform you that we are participating in Saudi PPPP 2020 exhibition in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia from 13 - 16 January 2020. you are welcome to visit us at our booth no. 2-380 . You will find all needed answers regarding your problems and solutions in your industry , we are a specialized experts , don't miss our booth !!

17 Dec 2019

We are proud to announce that, in addition to the ATEX approval, we now also have the IECEx certificate. This gives our Performax Easy EX and Performax IQ Easy Ex anti-static bars a worldwide acceptance for use in explosion hazardous environments. In many countries outside the EU, no additional compliance will be necessary.

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